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  1. Ich versuche momentan ein 2D Objekt Richtung Mauszeiger zu drehen. So oft ich es jedoch auch versuche, das Objekt wird irgendwo hingedreht oder rotiert einfach im Kreis. Momentan bin ich bei: Quaternion dir = Quaternion.FromToRotation(transform.position, input.getMousePosition()) * transform.rotation; Quaternion curDir = transform.rotation; transform.rotation = Quaternion.RotateTowards(curDir, dir, 360); Zur Info ich hätte auch gerne die Möglichkeit die Rotationsgeschwindigkeit zu beeinflussen. Das habe ich aber bisher erstmal außer Acht gelassen.
  2. Ich möchte gerne Nebel in der Ferne haben. Der Standard Nebeleffekt von unity gefällt mir nicht ganz deshalb wollt ich den des PostProcessing verwenden. Dort steht jedoch das man wenn man etwas ändern möchte unter Lighting gehen soll, wo jedoch nur der Standard Nebel ist und dessen Optionen beim PostProcessing Fog nichts ändern. Hab ich da etwas falsch Verstanden oder wie geht das richtig?
  3. But I still want to trigger something while going through the enemies
  4. In my game you have a dash ability. I want my player to bypass enimies while dashing and calling a method on there scripts, he would normally collide with them, but still be able to collide with for ex. Walls. How would I achieve this? Is there there something like ignore in onCollisionEnter/Stay/exit?
  5. As I said I use one shader for rendering the object extracted and white and in the same I render the object normally
  6. That's what I don't want to do. I have my shader render the object bigger than normal in white and than normal.
  7. I'd like to turn my highlight shader on or off per c# script. what would I have to do?
  8. Due tofurther testing I was able to discover that if you don't move the event is called ~20 times. As soon as you move a bit it starts again. Maybe it is a unity error. Btw I'm using Unity 5.6.0
  9. I use prime 31 2d controller in mzy 2D platformer. To activate the game object "lever" you simply walk in the collision box and press enter. Now the weird thing is this only works once unless you leave the collision area and enter again. I call the lever (in the collisionevent with parameter Collision2d col): col.gameobject.getComponent<LeverScript>().trigger (); If it exists. Trigger() has a cool down on it. What has got to change,to let me press the lever multipletimes and not having to reengage the area over and over again.
  10. Editor was fine but I fixed it appeariantly the camera was to close to the terrain.
  11. I have a small little platformer working with diffuse shaders with pointlights. In the editor/"Game" window everything shows up correctly. As soon as i build the game and run, everything turns black after a few seconds, except for particles. Same thing happens with 3d objects in the scene. How can i fix this? I havent found any information on the internet.
  12. The third person prefab of unity seems to work. What exactly did they do in their code to fix this?
  13. The question is why doesn't it work and how can I fix this? I've been searching on Google but the only results I got, told me to add a rigidbody.
  14. I'm try make an elevator, but all objects keep falling through. Elevator has BoxCollider. Objects to transport have a box collider and a rigidbody. The objects can collide with everything except for the moving stuff
  15. Oh! In MonoDevelope I and 1 look very similarly. It still isn't working with an other color than black in the color array.
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