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  1. owkey but what is code-block !?
  2. hi everyone i use codes for spawn enemy in game but when i use a while circle for spawn unity is going to freeze and how many time i try to do it but all times unity freeze its my codes using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class EnemyInfo : MonoBehaviour { // rejebe spawn shodan public GameObject EnemyToSpawn; bool CanBeSpawn = true; public float EnemySpawnTime = 1; public float MaxY; public float StartingX; private float RandomX = 0.0f; // Move [Range(0f,15f)] public float MoveSpeed; void Start() { StartCoroutine(EnemySpawn()); } void Update() { } private void FixedUpdate() { Move(); } #region Respawn IEnumerator EnemySpawn() { SpawnEnemys(); yield return new WaitForSeconds(EnemySpawnTime); } void SpawnEnemys() { RandomX = Random.Range(-MaxY, MaxY); while (CanBeSpawn == true) { Instantiate(EnemyToSpawn, new Vector3(RandomX, StartingX, 0), Quaternion.identity); } } #endregion Respawn #region Move void Move() { transform.Translate(-MoveSpeed * Time.deltaTime, 0, 0); } #endregion Move }
  3. hi everyone i have a question can i make a multiplayer game for android via bluetooth with out use unity network service, my mean is a multiplayer game has min 2 player and max 4 player in game and connection with bluetooth ?
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