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  1. You want that your players are able to decorate their own houses or properties with furnishings? Then the Housing/Build System is exactly what you need for your game. --->The Housing/Build System is now available on the Asset Store!<-- Compatibility:The housing/build system can be easily integrated with other systems and controllers.Housing/Build System Key Features:Build Items: • Build items can be easily replaced and added to the build menu.• Each build item has individual settings.• Build items can be bought, placed, rotated and removed by the player.Save/Load:Every action
  2. You want to create a fishing game or just add a fishing system to your game? Then the Fishing Development Kit is exactly what you need! --->The Fishing Development Kit is now available on the Asset Store!<--- Compatibility:The fishing system can be easily integrated with other systems and controllers.Fishing Development Kit Key Features:Fish Behavior:• Fish Types: There are two types of fish, predators and passive fish.• Fish Bait Behavior: Predatory fish bite only on a predatory bait such as the "spinner" or a piece of meat on the hook.
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