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  1. Hello community! We released our mobile game Missile Conflict BLITZ for iOS and Android a few weeks ago and want to share it with you! So feel free to have a look and get the best highscores! If you find any bugs, let us know. Thanks for your support! There is a tournament planned. So stay tuned! Download for iOS or Android. Description A classic arcade game reinvented! Command your base and fend incoming missiles. Take the heat of never ending attacks as long as you can and become a legendary Commander. Survive as many incoming attack waves as possible and complete your mi
  2. Hallo zusammen! Wir haben im Zuge der Entwicklung unseres Mobile Games ein Tool geschrieben, welches für alle interessant sein dürfte, die Unitys PlayerPrefs verwenden oder es in Zukunft verwenden wollen. Webseite: https://triboot.de/projekt/ultimate-playerprefs/ Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/utilities/ultimate-playerprefs-189597 Einführung Willkommen bei Ultimate PlayPrefs! Der Ultimate PlayerPrefs Editor bietet viele praktische Funktionen zum Verwalten und Bearbeiten von Daten, die in den Unity PlayerPrefs gespeichert werden sollen.
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