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  1. My question was actually how to play a sound after a certain time, but I solved the problem before when you wrote an answer. Have a nice day...
  2. I have solved the problem long ago
  3. Hi everyone, I want to know how to create a so-called alarm in Unity. To be more precise, I have a script where the timer counts down. I wrote in the code that if the timer is less than 0f the alarm sound should be played. But it somehow doesn't work. The sound just won't play. Can you please help me. Here's part of the code: if(timer < 1f) { Alarm.Play(); isTimer = false; }
  4. Hi! Thank you for the quick response and it worked. Thank you and have a nice day
  5. Hi everyone, I'm programming a 2d jump and run game. My problem is that if I want to test the game in the editor and click on Play, then the game is automatically paused and when I click on the pause button, it is automatically paused again. In the scene I have a game object with a level generator script and a player with a PlayerMovement script. I have disabled the two game objects and then the game will start normally without any problems. But if I activate one of these game objects in the scene again, it will be paused again in the editor so that I can not test the game.
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