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Dont Clip

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Und ich bin's wieder. :D


Habe jetzt versucht, meinen Character davon abzuhalten, steile wände hochzulaufen. Mal wieder kläglich.

// X and Z first. We don't want the sloped ground to prevent
                // Player from falling enough to touch the ground.
                Vector3 displacement;
                displacement.x = velocity.x * Time.deltaTime;
                displacement.y = 0;
                displacement.z = -PlayerController.transform.position.z;
                // Now Y
                displacement.y = velocity.y * Time.deltaTime;
                // Our steepest down slope is 45 degrees. Force Player to fall at least
                // that much so he stays in contact with the ground.
                if (-Mathf.Abs(displacement.x) < displacement.y && displacement.y < 0)
                    displacement.y = -Mathf.Abs(displacement.x) - 0.001f;
                displacement.z = 0;
                displacement.x = 0;

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