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Screenshot Snippet

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Hier mal ein kleines Screenshot-Snippet für Unity 2017. Viel Spaß damit! :) 

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using System.IO;

public class Screenshots : MonoBehaviour {

    private Canvas canvas;

    public KeyCode screenshotKey = KeyCode.F8; // Auswahl Key-Taste für Screenshot

    public string gamename = "Gamename"; // Name des Spiels
    private string path;

    public bool canvasShow = false; // Screenshots mit oder ohne GUI

    private void Awake() {
        canvas = GameObject.Find("Canvas").GetComponent<Canvas>();
        path = Application.dataPath + "/Screenshots";
        if (!Directory.Exists(path)) {

    private void LateUpdate() {
        if (Input.GetKeyDown(screenshotKey)) {

    IEnumerator RecordFrame() {
        canvas.enabled = false;

        string time = System.DateTime.Now.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy_HH-mm-ss");

        yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame();

        ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot(path + "/" + name + "_" + time + ".png", 0);

        if (!canvasShow)
        canvas.enabled = true;

        yield return new WaitForSeconds(1.0f);


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