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Housing/Build System | Lasse Spieler ihre Häuser und Grundstücke selber gestalten.

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You want that your players are able to decorate their own houses or properties with furnishings? Then the Housing/Build System is exactly what you need for your game.  BuildMenu_Cover.thumb.png.2ac7ed5c0c77aaa4e11592b245f165eb.png

The housing/build system can be easily integrated with other systems and controllers.

Housing/Build System Key Features:

Build Items:
 Build items can be easily replaced and added to the build menu.
 Each build item has individual settings.
 Build items can be bought, placed, rotated and removed by the player.

Every action, be it buying, placing, rotating and removing an item will be automatically saved by the system. The build system also works in multiple scenes.

Money System:
This build system comes with a complete money system that makes it possible to buy and sell items (adding and subtracting money). The money system can be easily exchanged with your own.

Includes Animations, Models, Textures and Icons:
This asset also includes UI animations, models, textures and icons.

Codes are commented.



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